Athlete Specific

Bamboo fiber is 2x softer than traditional cotton shirts. Using bamboo fiber over cotton provides athlete-specific benefits.

Bamboo Fiber

Organic, strong, and lasting are all words used to describe bamboo. Bamboo fiber is a cloth fiber used in many high end textiles.  When combining bamboo fiber with our Athlete Tailored Fit you will have ultimate protection and comfort.

Tailored Fit

We plan to offer a variety of fits: casual fit, tailored fit, and athletic tailored fit. All our fits work with the material of the shirt to give you the best fit and comfort. Our Athlete Tailored fit provides an extra space in your shoulders, arms and chest: 5.5in shoulders, 3in arms, and 6in chest. Tailored fit gives a comfortable fit with only 2.25in shoulders, 1.5in arms, and 3in chest. All our tailored fits are tappered at the waist for a perfect tuck.



Our fits are true to size. If you normally buy medium slim fit shirts but can wear large T-shirts comfortably, order a large because a large would be your “true size”. Your true size is the most balanced fit. Not too tight, and not too bulky.


Lasting Style

TempleTribe is on a mission to provide you with lasting style. No one wants to buy new dress shirts every two years because they are out of style. We chose the classic styles and pick designs that will last during changing trends. You won’t find the newest styles here because trends come and go where classics are here to stay.